When we apply to our undergraduate courses, our teachers and friends ask us ‘well where do you want to go?’. Whilst this is certainly an important consideration, I don’t think it’s the best place to start for Graduate Entry Medicine due to the very different ways different universities favour candidates. First, I suggest going through the list below and working out which Universities you are eligible to apply for. If you are applying for 2020 entry, you will be limited by whether you have already registered for the GAMSAT or not. For later entry, I encourage applicants to keep an open mind in where they would want to apply. Once you achieve a UKCAT score you can reevaluate this list, and start looking at previous selection criteria (different to entry criteria).

Academic Selection Universities

Barts London – UCAT
UCAT is weighted 50:50 with academics in selecting applicants. Usually, applicants will have a first in their degree. Degrees can be any discipline. Barts downgrade all non-UK degrees so that it is equivalent to a 2:1. Bioscience Degree – No A Level requirements Science Degree- A or As level B in Chemistry or Biology (whichever are missing) Arts Degree- B in Chemistry or Biology and one other science.
Birmingham – UCAT
Birmingham now operates on a points based system for 2020 entry onwards. Degree must be in a life science, achieved firsts are accredited 8 points, 2:1 4 points and a predicted first is 2 points. A level points are awarded from BBC upwards. English and maths GCSE at grade A are required. UCAT points are awarded but you must be above the third decile. Points are awarded for years in full time employment.
2:1 in any discipline. A in Chemistry A Level, to be competitive usually at least AAA is needed. English and Maths GCSE completed to a C grade. No aptitude test needed.
Oxford – BMAT
2:1 in any applied or experimental science. Two science A Levels, one must be in Chemistry if that was not taken at degree level. If it was not a bioscience degree, candidates must have biology GCSE. The BMAT bares a weighting, candidates much check individual colleges, high academic standard is expected.

Holistic Selection

Kings – UCAT
2:1 in a Bioscience. UCAT is looked at as well as references and SJT. It is not clear how much each element is weighted.
Sheffield – UCAT
Must fit widening participation criteria, BBB at A Level to include Biology or Chemistry, with retakes only to take up one sitting. 2:1 in a life science degree. If there are more candidates fitting the above criteria than there are interview slots, candidates will be ranked by UCAT.

Aptitude Test Based

Newcastle – UCAT
2:1 in any subject. Generally a UCAT of over 730 is considered competitive, though some years have had a higher cut off than this.
Warwick – UCAT
Must also meet work experience requirements. Two work experiences totalling to 70 hours, with one not accounting for more than fifty hours. One must be delivering hands on care. 2:1 in any degree, or a 2:2 including a masters or PhD.
Southampton – UCAT
4 GCSE’s at least C grade to include Maths and English. 2:1 in any degree. C in A2 Chemistry or failing this AS Chemistry and Biology at C grade. Generally a candidate with over 720 UCAT is considered competitive.
Swansea – GAMSAT
2:1 in any subject. 2:2 and Masters or PhD. Minimum score of 50 in Secrtion 3 of the GAMSAT. GCSE English at at least grade C.
St Georges – GAMSAT
2:1 in any subject. Minimum 50 in each section. Liverpool – GAMSAT
2:1 in Biomed/Health Science. BBBb A Level requirements to include Chemistry and Biology. At least a C in GCSE Maths and English. Usually a cut off of over 55.
2:1 in any discipline. Chemistry A level grade B or 20 credits of pure chemistry at degree level. No section of GAMSAT lower than 47. Section 3 is not double weighted. Band 3 or higher in the SJT.
Nottingham – GAMSAT
Minimum of 2:2 in any discipline. Higher cut off for GAMSAT will be employed if applying with a 2:2. Minimum of 55 is required in Section 2, with 55 in either Section 1 or Section 3 and 50 in the remaining section. GAMSAT score calculated with Section 3 double weighted, and alternatively with equal weighting. The higher score is taken.

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